What you need
1, 2 sheets of A4 constrution paper
(choose contrasting or complimentary colors)
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Ribbon (optional)

Step By Step Guidelines

1. Cut the shape as shown below. Fold each template in half. While keeping the paper folded, cut along the 3 lines inside.
2. You can label the tips of the 4 strips on both paper (abcd & 1234).
3. Next, weave Strip 1  through strip A then around Strip B, Continue by weaving Strip 1 through the loop of Strip C, Finish weaving Strip 1 by weaving it around Strip D, Move Strip 1 up until it touches the top of the slits. Continue with the strip 234 on strip abcd
4. Cut a strip of construction paper to make the handle. Glue the ends on the inside of the heart basket. And you are done!